DJI Digital FPV System | DJI FPV Drone Racing Goggles

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DJI Digital FPV System | DJI FPV Racing Goggles The DJI Digital FPV System is not DJI’s first foray in to the world of FPV for drones, they do have their existing DJI Goggles and DJI Goggle Racing Edition. But the existing DJI Goggles only worked for off the shelf DJI drones, the [...]

Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Drone | The Budget Mavic Air

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Image Credit: Fimi ( Its been nothing but tumbleweeds in drone news recently, with the only news about drones being bad news. Then out of nowhere comes something interesting, the Fimi X8 SE drone. The Fimi X8 SE is a new drone from Xiaomi and the thing that makes this exciting is that Xiaomi [...]

UK Drone Laws and Flying Restrictions Around Airports 🛫 | Drone Safety

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UK Drone Laws and Flying Restrictions Around Airports 🛫 | Drone Safety UK drone laws and flying restrictions around airports are changing. UK drone users should be aware that on the 13th of March the new flight restrictions come in to effect surrounding airports. This comes shortly after the chaos caused at multiple airports [...]

SkyPixel Photo / Video Competition 2018

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Image Credit Skypixel SkyPixel Competition is back Its that time of year again for the SkyPixel competition hosted by DJI, this year its open to photographers and filmmakers. This is a chance to share your work with the world and put yourself in the draw for some amazing prizes. Be sure to get creating and [...]

DJI Osmo Pocket Camera Specs and Price

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DJI Osmo Pocket Camera The DJI Osmo Pocket is an intriguing little device that takes form factor and concept of the earlier iterations of the Osmo and shrinks it down into a tiny form factor. Who is the Osmo Pocket For? The original Osmo was billed to be the must-have vlogging camera and that [...]

DJI Winter Drone Sale 2018

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Image credit DJI ( The DJI Winter drone sale is here, so if you missed out on the Black Friday weekend deals and Cyber Monday then don't worry as there are still plenty of great deals to be had before Christmas! DJI are renowned for holding strong on pricing so don't miss out. They have everything [...]

DJI Black Friday Drone Deals 2018

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Image credit DJI ( The DJI Black Friday is right around the corner and DJI have laid their cards on the table, you can see all of their offers and when they will become available below. DJI are renowned for holding strong on pricing so don't miss out! If you don't know what drone is [...]

GoPro Karma Drone Alternatives

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GoPro Karma Drone Alternatives The launch day of the companies new Hero 7 camera line also sees the last breath of its drone the GoPro Karma. The GoPro Karma was plagued by a hardware issue involving the battery that rocked the confidence of consumers and cost them big in after-sales support. Is the GoPro [...]