GoPro Karma ‘Follow Me’ Tracking Feature

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Image credit: GoPro.com GoPro finally announce Karma drone 'follow me' tracking feature Back when the GoPro Karma was launched it lacked one feature that everyone wanted to see, a 'follow me' mode. GoPro as a brand is all about living in the moment and forgetting about the whole shooting process, but the Karma drone really [...]

GoPro Fusion 360 Camera Release Date | 360 Cameras

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Image credit GoPro.com What is the GoPro Fusion? Gopro Fusion is the first 360 camera from action camera maker GoPro. A lot of people would say its about time they branched out in to the 360 market and have been slow to react. Many other companies like Ricoh, Kodak, Insta360 and Gyroptic have really [...]

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Specs and Price | DJI Drones

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What is Mavic Pro Platinum? DJI’s Mavic Pro Platinum is more like a special edition version of its Mavic Pro than the high anticipated second generation model. It was announced at the IFA electronics show that a new Platinum edition of the DJI Mavic Pro would be available as well as a new special [...]

Insta360 One 360 Camera Release Date and Specs

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What is the Insta360 One? Insta360 teased some footage of a new camera, dubbed the Insta360 One with an announcement date of August 28th. We were very excited about this because Insta360 are currently pioneers in the field of affordable 360 video and leading the way for new features. Some people misinterpreted the promo video [...]

UK Drone Registration and Flying Restrictions

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UK drone registration and tighter flight software rules are being set in to motion for almost all UK drone pilots. Drones have have had all kinds of positive uses since their creation; from agricultural, conservational or surveying, all the way to police use. But for all the good drones can do there is a [...]

GoPro Karma 2 Drone Release Date and Specs

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GoPro Karma Update 10/01/2018 GoPro have announced that they are leaving he drone market and subsequently ending production of the GoPro Karma. This means that there will be no GoPro Karma 2 drone and that the firmware that powers the drone will no longer be developed. Its sad to [...]

SkyPixel Video Competition | Aerial Drone Video

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Image Credit Skypixel SkyPixel Competition is back Its that time of year again for the SkyPixel competition hosted by DJI, this year around the platform is video. This is a chance for keen drone pilots and video producers to share their work with the world and put themselves in the draw for some amazing [...]