Do I need a drone licence | UK drone flying laws

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Do I need a drone licence for recreational flying? In short, no. But you do need to follow the Drone Code and make sure what you're doing does constitute as recreation flying. There was a day when high definition stabilised camera drones were only really available to broadcast and production companies. They required whole teams [...]

UK Drone Registration and Flying Restrictions

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UK drone registration and tighter flight software rules are being set in to motion for almost all UK drone pilots. Drones have have had all kinds of positive uses since their creation; from agricultural, conservational or surveying, all the way to police use. But for all the good drones can do there is a [...]

Drone Insurance UK | Liability Insurance Through Flying Club Or 3rd Party Company

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Drone Insurance UK | Liability Insurance Through Flying Club Or 3rd Party? Drone insurance can be a minefield! Do you need it? In short, no. But we highly recommend that you get it, flying a drone is a dangerous pastime. You are open to a lot of factors causing accidents and the more confidence [...]

Drone Safety Resources and Advice

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With great drone comes great responsibility. Drone safety resources and advice for drone owners are plentiful and you should take time to learn the basics before your first flight. You are required to be in accordance with local authority flying rules, this means keeping your drone in line of sight. Now I know this [...]