Anti Drone Guns

Image credit to DroneShield

Anti Drone Guns

Anti drone guns have spawned from drones being used to perform illegal actions like supplying prisoners with parcels and accessing restricted airspace without authorisation.

These anti-drone guns can hit moving targets within a 2000 metre range and make them return to home by making them think they are out of range. They can also jam the signal between the drone and the operator to stop them from using the controls. Some of them can also jam video signals and even override controls to redirect the landing of the drone (this is important if the drone contains suspected explosives).

Like drones themselves, it does open itself up to abuse, as it basically allows you to ground almost any drone. This will especially become an issue with industries like agricultural, logistics and delivery companies increasingly using them. Obviously these systems are not just aimed at the mainstream public, but more at large restricted companies and armed services that need this kind of protection. But the introduction of this kind of technology does mean that in years to come it could become much more widely available.

This type of technology could quite easily evolve in to things like powered drone jamming grids around perimeters. A lot of laws arounds drones and unmanned aircrafts are rapidly evolving and changing, so we will have to wait and see how it all unfolds.

You can see some promotional videos for the Drone Shield and Drone Defender  drone jamming solutions below. These are just a couple of the solutions out there aimed at grounding unwanted drones and unmanned aircraft.

Drone Defender

Drone Shield