Best Drone Takedowns

Image credit to CCTV+

Best Drone Takedowns

This is our list of the best drone takedowns. It has everything from eagles picking them out of the sky to fishermen catching them with their rods. Its always devastating when your drone gets accidentally destroyed, but at least in these cases it didn’t happen to you. Things could be worse.

Eagle Vs Drone

Eagles have been known to be incredibly effective in picking drones out of the sky like prey. Their powerful feet and talons have no problem gripping the moving rotors and flying them back to their nests. This drones camera shows the incredible moment the eagle swoops in and picks it out of the sky.

Drone speared at medieval reenactment

This drone operator was out enjoying a nice afternoon out filming this renaissance fair when all of a sudden things turned medieval. An angry knight was furious to see the drone break character and took it down in spectacular fashion using his spear. Arguably the footage he got from the drone being floored with a spear is worth the loss of the equipment, because it looked awesome!

Fisherman vs Drone

This fisherman’s catch of the day is a bit out of the ordinary in this very humorous ‘Fisherman vs Drone’ video. I operator of the drone was very annoyed with the intentional takedown of his drone and it span off in to some funny videos.

Tigers Vs Drone

A group of Siberian tigers in captivity group up to take down an Inspire drone trying to film them.

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