Best drones for Christmas 2017

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Our best drones for Christmas 2017

With Christmas just around the corner we put together our favourite drones from 2017. So this is our roundup with a perfect drone to suit anybody for Christmas, from the first time flyer to the seasoned pilot.

Best HD camera drone for Christmas
DJI Spark

DJI Spark Drone

The DJI Spark is a great starter camera drone, featuring a 12 megapixel camera, HD video and a 2-axis gimbal. It’s super simple to use with its palm take off, jedi-esk gesture features and tracking options. The Spark is controlled from a phone but you can purchase a dedicated controller separately for tactile controls and additional flight distance. Spark also features a racing mode

Best 4k camera drone for Christmas
DJI Mavic Pro and Platinum

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Drone

DJI’s Mavic Pro is undoubtedly the most popular 4k camera drone on the market. It’s folding body makes it easy to transport and it is packed with superb advanced flight features. The upgraded Mavic Pro Platinum is a must have tool for anybody looking to create stunning aerial visuals.

Best FPV bundle for Christmas
Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Bundle

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Drone Bundle

FPV (first person view) is fun through a screen on a controller, but FPV goggles take that experience to the next level. Parrot’s Bebop 2 FPV bundle is one of the best value offerings on the market and a lot of fun to use. It includes the Skycontroller remote, Cockpit FPV Goggles and Bebop 2 drone with 14MP photos / HD video as well as automated flight features including return to home. If you have a little more to spend then it is worth considering the new Parrot Bebop 2 Power.

Best minidrone for Christmas
Parrot Mambo

Parrot Mambo Mini Drone with Cannon Shooting and Grabber Accessories

The Parrot Mambo is an awesome mini drone that features some super fun add-ons. It includes a removable grabber arm for swooping in and picking up objects. It also includes a shooter canon that fires small pellets for a bit of air combat. On top of that the Mambo has some fun flight features like flips. Mambo is controlled through a smart device and features a hands free hover mode. An additional controller can be purchased for more tactile flight commands.

Best movie drone for Christmas
Propel Star Wars Drones

Star Wars Drone

This year’s must have movie franchise drones are these awesome new collector’s edition Star Wars offerings from Propel. Bring your dreams of flying TIE Fighters, Speeder Bikes and Starfighters to life in the form of these amazing drones! These incredible miniature replica drones can fly at speeds over 35 MPH and each one comes numbered and in a collectable display box. To top it off you can engage in mid-air laser battles with up to 12 other drones and pilots simultaneously.

Best toy drone for Christmas
Air Hogs Hyper Drift drone

Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone

Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone is an awesome 2 in 1 with a clever design that lets you drift race along the ground using the propellers. Then if you hit a roadblock it detaches the drone launching it in to the air! Its shape means that it is always upright and ready to take off, even after big crashes. This is a great way to get in to drones, the Hyper Drift drone is affordable and robust enough to practice your flying skills without breaking the bank as well as being a while lot of fun.

Best filmaking drone for Christmas
GoPro Karma Hero 6 Drone Bundle

GoPro Karma Hero 6 Drone Bundle

Our favourite all-rounder for shooting video has to be the GoPro Karma Hero 6 bundle. Sure the Karma isn’t as advanced as some other high end drones on the market, but the removable Karma Grip gimbal makes it great for shooting ground footage as well as aerial. The Karma drone has some excellent, easy to use flight and shot planning features bundled in. Then when you factor in the new Hero 6 camera you have a fantastic system that shoots 4k at 60fps, 1080p at 240fps, voice controlled shooting, great digital stabilisation and manual low light features. Its a superb flying bundle that will suit everyone from the first time flyer to the more seasoned pilot. Its modular design also means it benefits from a unique interchangeable upgrade model.

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