Best Racing Drone For Beginners

Best racing drone for beginners

The best racing drone for beginners is hands down the RedPawz R011 FPV set. The RedPawz R011 is a great little starter set for anyone looking to get in to drone racing because it gives you everything you need to get started for under £70. So that includes the drone, the remote controller and FPV goggles.


The drone features speed settings allowing you to start off slow and work your way to higher speeds. The FPV goggles have have a 3inch display and the drones camera has a 120 degree wide angle camera. One nice thing about it is that it has built in GPS and a return to home function if you get in to trouble mid-flight.


The RedPawz R011 drone can be flown indoors or outdoors (in low winds) and has full propeller guards to keep them in one piece if you collide with obstacles. It is advisable that you buy a few spare batteries if you want to do some training or fly for longer periods as its battery can only offer 5 – 6 minutes of flight time with it being so small and light. Charging time is around 30 – 50 minutes so with one battery more of your time will be spent charging the battery.

Best Racing Drone For Beginners Package

Other beginner racing drones

There are many other camera drones around for less money but the FPV goggles are essential if you want to get in to drone racing. We would advise for your first racing drone to just get an off the shelf model and then you can see if you enjoy it and start to learn about racing gear. There are many barriers to buying controllers, FPV goggles and drones separately so don’t let that put you off before you get started. Once you are up and running you can start tinkering and if you are brave enough start building your own racing gear.

Wrap up

In our opinion this is the best value for money FPV drone racing experience a beginner can get on the market right now. Don’t just take our word, drone racing champ Luke Wolferstan-Bannister said in an interview with the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) that he would recommend it as a racing drone for beginners to the sport. That is high praise indeed!

If this all flew over your head a bit (excuse the pun) then check out our beginners guide to drone racing.