DJI Spark Drone

What is the DJI Spark?

DJI Spark for those who haven’t seen it already is DJI’s latest drone and it’s aimed right at the mass market. It’s their smallest, cheapest and most simple drone to date.

People are excited about drone technology, but there are many barriers to entry like price, skill level and practicality. In this latest drone DJI has certainly taken down two of those barriers. The only one that remains is price, but for the £519 price tag, you get a whole lot of tech.

Size matters

The Spark is a tiny drone, its body is no larger than the size of a smartphone. It is also controlled from a smartphone using the DJI Go App, meaning there is no extra controller to carry around. So you can throw it in a pocket or bag and just head out.

The size and practicality of a product rings back to photography. Having a DSLR is great and the shots it can produce are next level when compared to a smartphone. But at the end of the day, if you don’t have it with you then you just settle for a shot on your smartphone. This is something that is particularly true with drones. As it stands, going out with a drone is an activity in itself, you have to charge everything, pack a big bag to carry and plan your trip.

Spark looks to eliminate all of that hassle and be something you just throw in your bag as an afterthought. It doesn’t even have to be charged, as you can charge it on the go using micro usb.

DJI Spark Drone Gesture Controls

Gesture Control

In terms of flying ability it is great for newcomers, it has facial recognition take off that can be activated with a tap on the back of the drone. Once up in the air, the Spark will follow the movement of your hand making you feel like some kind of Jedi Knight. A wave of the hands will send it off further away, a gesture will shoot photos and you can then call it back will another wave of the arms. Once it has returned it will land on your hand simply by holding it out. Meaning you can do a full flight without the app or the remote controller.

Additional Remote Controller and FPV Goggles

Using the DJI Go 4 app through a smart device will give you the option to use the virtual joysticks and the pre-programmed shooting modes. It comes with plenty of easy to use flight modes and route planning all built in to the DJI Go 4 app. Users who want to take it to the next level can purchase the optional remote controller through the ‘fly more bundle’ that will give longer flying distances and give it the racing mode option, unlocking its full flight speed of 50kph (31mph). On top of that you can additionally purchase the DJI FPV Goggles for a more immersive flying experience. This really opens up the possibilities of what you can go out and do with the drone.

DJI Spark Remote Controller From the Fly More Bundle
DJI Spark Official DJI FPV Goggles

Wrap up

It’s not going to revolutionise the prosumer or professional market because its capabilities are nowhere near that level. The camera, gimbal, flight distances and stability are all restricted by its tiny size.  But it does create a whole new world of opportunities for casual drone users.

There are other drones on the market of this size like ZeroTech’s Dobby  and Yuneec’s Breeze  that can offer better cameras. But what makes the Spark stand out is its flying features, they are best in class without a doubt.