The word ‘selfie’ can either make people reach straight for their phone or make people sigh and shake their head. Opinion is divided, it seems to be a generational thing. Love them or hate them, selfies are here to stay. It has become so much of a market in the last few years that people have taken the simple selfie stick and built on that idea to create some weird and wonderful things.

 On the more extravagant side of selfies, live ‘selfie drones’. The idea is that they can shoot selfies that will get all the people and the scenery into the picture. The idea of ‘selfie drones’ is not a new one, others exist out there like the Nixie, but AirSelfie claims to be the first one to integrate into a phone case. Don’t worry, it won’t be flying your phone around precariously, it slides out and has its own camera built in. The case acts as a power bank that charges its 240mAh 7.4v Built-in Battery via micro usb, giving it 1 hour of charge. 

 AirSelfie is controlled with its own app (available for iOS and Android) and can fly autonomously to take shots using a self timer. It has a tiny HD camera integrated into it for shooting high quality photos with 4gb of space built in. How easy it will be to fly via the app, with no tactile controls, is yet to be seen. It will also be interesting to see how a drone so small will be able to cope with wind conditions. Will images need to be digitally stabilised? 

 €179 (£155 / $190) will get you the drone now, which is allegedly 50% less than it will retail for once officially released. This includes the case add-on, which is currently available for iPhone 6 / 7 as well as the Samsung S7 Edge. The AirSelfie will be shipping worldwide on release. If that seems ludicrously extravagant or down right stupid then you clearly are not in the selfie conscious market for this product.

 This selfie drone is available to back now on Kickstarter. Click here to check out the video and see how you can improve your selfies. Release date for AirSelfie is set for March 2017. But remember not all Kickstarter projects come to fruition and we are in no way affiliated with this product.