The DJI Mavic Mini looks replace DJI Spark in the smaller end of the DJI drone family. It looks to cross over between the Spark and Mavic Air to create a tiny folding drone. News has been pretty slow in the drone world this year, so this is very welcome.

Mavic Mini Body

Customers in countries like the US will be rejoicing because the weight of the Mavic Mini falls under the 250gram weight class for having to be a certified drone pilot to fly.

Mavic Mini Flight Specs

The battery life of the Mavic Mini is a very impressive 30 minutes, that is exceptional for its weight class. Mavic Mini has a 4km video transmission in HD. It features the usual return to home functionality as well as GPS percise hover. Mavic Mini has a sport mode that can get max speeds close to 30mph.

Mavic Mini Obstacle avoidance

The Mavic Mini has no obstacle avoidance but the lack of this likely plays well in to its stellar battery life. Although DJI has decided to go with a prop shield that fits around the drone to keep the delicate parts intake during any collisions that occur. Its does however have the downward facing vision sensor for more precise hover and landing.

Mavic Mini Camera Specs

The Mavic Mini has a 3-axis gimbal and shoots 2.7k video, so this is right in the middle of the Mavic Air and the Spark in terms of video specs. We love 2.7k as a format because it allows you to not only reframe and crop into full HD footage, it allows you to upscale to 4k without a dramatic loss in quality. Combine that with the usual DJI cinematic presets and you have a really powerful video tool at your disposal. The only downside for photographers will be the lack of raw image support.

DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo

Mavic Mini Price

The Mavic Mini is available now on the DJI Store and costs £369/$399 or £459/$499 for the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo. The Fly More Combo offers extra batteries, props, prop guard, two way charger, usb charger and a carrying bag.

Should I get the Mavic Mini?

We think DJI have hit the sweet spot here for a lot of people, great quality camera, small form factor and best of all very affordable. Its a brilliant first drone or even the perfect travel companion for more experience flyers.