DJI Select Membership | Enjoy Select Benefits, Coupons and Discounts

DJI Select Membership

DJI Select is a new membership service from DJI offering priority delivery, exclusive coupons and discounts on accessories.

DJI Care has been a popular addition to the DJI product line, protecting your gear and keeping it up in the air. DJI Care allows you to get up to 2 replacement parts or units within one year, including water damaged parts. DJI Select members will receive a massive 50% off DJI Care Refresh packages on eligible DJI drones.

Anyone who has ordered through DJI knows that their product launches are incredibly popular and products sell out fast. Even if you do get your order in before the item sells out you can still have a long waiting time for delivery. The best part about being a DJI Select member is that you will receive priority delivery on items, so you will be one of the first people to get your hands on new products!

On purchasing DJI Select you will receive 5 vouchers to use in the DJI Store. The DJI Store will now feature ‘Select Only’ offers on drones and accessories, giving DJI Select members all the best gear at the best prices.  To top it off, on your birthday you will receive a voucher on your birthday to treat yourself to some new gear.

DJI Select costs just £29 ($29) a year as a  limited introductory offer. So if you are planning on buying a new drone, considering buying Care Refresh or even just want to be first in line to get the latest drones then DJI Select is for you! With a brand new Mavic Pro, Phantom and Spark right around the corner its certainly a very tempting prospect.

To see if you are eligible for DJI Select you can check here.

DJI Select Membership

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