DJI Spark 2 Drone Release Date, Specs and Features

DJI Spark 2 will be the successor to the most accessible DJI drone to date, both in terms of price tag and ease of use. At a price tag just over £500 ($500) it still isn’t cheap, but you get a ton of great drone tech for that money. The Spark is a great addition to DJI’s lineup, its so easy to use it has really changed the mainstream drone market.

The recent price drop of the original Spark drone has set rumours flying of a DJI Spark 2 model being released in the near future. But what are we realistically likely to see?


In terms of size the Spark is unlikely to change, it could be made foldable like the ZeroTech Dobby to become even more portable. But this could compromise the durability of the body, so would need to be well designed. We don’t want to see any weight added to the DJI Spark 2, but we do want to see some small upgrades as the tech becomes available. The Spark will continue to sit in the over 250 gram weight class and be subject to owner tests in some countries.

Camera and Gimbal

The Spark’s size limits the amount of camera tech it can carry, but advances in the size of components will change that. Its low light performance will never rival the bigger cameras on the Phantom and Mavic Pro. But future models will almost certainly feature a 3-axis gimbal over the 2-axis gimbal it currently has. Acceptable 4k may be a little unrealistic with such a small sensor, but we would certainly like to see a 2k upgrade. This would at least give us the option to do a little cropping or additional stabilisation in post.

Battery life

The Spark is tiny but the battery really needs to be better. Its a shame to have such a small portable drone and then need to carry around an extra load of batteries and a charger. Even if the battery could be boosted from 16 minutes to 20 then that would make a huge difference.


The DJI Go app needs some improvements, especially when it comes to connectivity timeouts. The Android version of the app has suffered a lot of bugs and quirks. It would be nice to see a remote control bundled with the next iteration of the Spark as standard so the app plays less of a critical role in flying.

DJI Spark 2 Release Date, Features and Specs

Flight Modes

In terms of flight modes and obstacle avoidance the Spark is very well equipped. It would be great to see more advanced active tracking features tied in to the obstacle avoidance. Currently it tends to just stop at an obstacle and subsequently loses its object to track. If it could fly above the obstacle and search for the object again it would be far more reliable. Trying to achieve some good tracking shots and ending up leaving your drone hovering behind a tree is not ideal.

The gesture controls are a big draw and crowd pleaser of the Spark, but there is a lot of room for improvement in them. Quieter flight noise like they achieved on the Mavic Pro Platinum would also be a welcome addition.

There is currently no word of a solid spec list but we are excited to see what is around the corner. Sign up below to get Spark updates as they happen.

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