GoPro Karma Drone Recall – GoPro have not had the smoothest of entries into the drone market. The Karma has in some cases been cutting out mid-flight, resulting in some falling out of the sky and causing serious damage. Whilst this is being resolved, shipping for the drone has been suspended until further notice and has led to a GoPro Karma drone recall.

This does not affect the GoPro Hero5 cameras or the GoPro stabiliser products, as the fault lies in the Karma. However, if your stabiliser or camera were damaged as a result, then don’t worry because all bundles must be returned as a whole. You will also get a refund on the GoPro care package if you paid extra for that.

Even if your Karma drone appears to be working fine, GoPro are insisting customers return them for a refund for safety reasons. To appease annoyed customers who waited so long for their GoPro Karma drones only to have them taken away, they are offering full refunds and a free GoPro Hero5 Black in some cases.

You can see more about the GoPro Karma drone recall and return information here on the GoPro’s website.