Tello Controller For Android

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Update: The new GameSir T1D is now here and available to buy direct on the DJI Store. The GameSir T1D is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is currently the only compatible Android controller.

Tello drone has just been launched and there is a ton of confusion around what Bluetooth controllers work with it. Tello is controlled through its accompanying app and is available for iOS and Android. On receiving our Tello drone we couldn’t get the GameSir T1s to connect to the app. The Gamesir is clearly there in the FAQ under supported controllers, so we got in contact with DJI.

DJI claimed that the GameSir T1s does work but only with iOS devices. Since then GameSir have issued a statement claiming that the T1 and T1s controllers are not compatible with the Tello. But there is a new controller called the T1d on the way that is compatible with the Tello.

Tello Android Controller Support

Currently DJI claim that there is NO official support for Android Bluetooth controllers and that the fact there is even a Bluetooth icon in the app is because it was designed for iOS. They did state that support was coming for Android Bluetooth controllers but gave no timeframe on when it will be coming. So unless you have an iPhone or iPad you are going to have to settle for using the Tello app for the time being.

Tello is still in its infancy so firmware updates will be coming in thick and fast, so expect to see some updates over the next few weeks and months.

Tello iOS Controller Support

Now DJI did claim that their FAQs are correct and that the GameSir controllers do work along with the Gamevice and some MFI controllers. A more comprehensive list of controllers will surface in time, right now the only controller that DJI are backing is the Gamevice Bluetooth controller.

Wrap Up

So in short Android controllers currently don’t work and a few iOS controllers are currently supported for the Tello drone. Sign up below to keep up to date with the latest Tello news on controller compatibility and other updates.

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