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360 Cameras for Drones and 360 Aerial Video

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360 cameras for drones at the time of writing this post are few and far between. But they are coming soon and this is a quick intro into the world of 360 cameras up to now, with a few viable options for shooting aerial photo and video from your drone. 360 cameras - A [...]

GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic Pro drone

By |2017-11-20T22:26:52+00:00November 20th, 2016|Features|

We are huge fans of both the DJI and GoPro products and brands. keeping a keen eye on both companies we watched both keynotes for the products. *This information was accurate at the time of this post, if things have changed and we haven't spotted them then please feel free to let us know in [...]

Top 5 Drones for Beginners

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Top 5 drones for beginners In this article we are going to outline the top 5 drones that we believe are the perfect choice for enthusiasts looking to capture stunning aerial photography. Being that many different categories of drones exist, we will only be covering consumer grade camera drones. This means the typical drone [...]