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360 Cameras for Drones and 360 Aerial Video

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360 cameras for drones at the time of writing this post are few and far between. But they are coming soon and this is a quick intro into the world of 360 cameras up to now, with a few viable options for shooting aerial photo and video from your drone. 360 cameras - A [...]

Gopro Karma Drone Back On Sale After Recall

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Gopro Karma drone back on sale and in stock after recall Update: GoPro Karma pricing is now showing again on the UK store at £1199.99 for the GoPro Karma Drone and Hero5 camera bundle or £869.99 for the drone on its own. The entire package including extra propellers, spare battery and 2 years hardware cover [...]

Drones for Film and Video Production

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Drones for film and video production are becoming commonplace. They are looking to shape the way cinema and video progress, and in some ways they already have. A huge step in affordable professional film was the adoption of video features in DSLR cameras, this allowed everyday camera owners to shoot some [...]

DJI Inspire 2 Launch Film – The Circle

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The DJI Inspire 2 is the successor of the popular Inspire 1, the Inspire series is part of DJI's professional photo and video drone range. The Inspire series does also carry a professional price tag, costing double the price of the Phantom 4 Pro, with plenty of options for add-ons and upgrades. Although it is a [...]