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GoPro Karma Drone Dead | GoPro Karma News

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GoPro Karma Drone Dead Sad news broke this week that the GoPro Karma drone is dead. GoPro will be ending production of its Karma drone line after poor sales and a struggle to keep up with competition. The Karma was only released 2 years ago back in October 2016 and was rivalled as a [...]

GoPro Karma drone price rise for UK customers after recall

By |2017-11-20T22:26:38+00:00March 29th, 2017|News|

Image taken from gopro.com GoPro’s Karma drone Karma drone is back in stock in the UK store, though the news of the GoPro Karma drone GoPro Karma drone returning to the UK market is not all good. In its time away it has increased in value by about 10% for [...]

Gopro Karma Drone Back On Sale After Recall

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Gopro Karma drone back on sale and in stock after recall Update: GoPro Karma pricing is now showing again on the UK store at £1199.99 for the GoPro Karma Drone and Hero5 camera bundle or £869.99 for the drone on its own. The entire package including extra propellers, spare battery and 2 years hardware cover [...]

GoPro Karma Drone Recall and Refunds

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GoPro Karma Drone Recall - GoPro have not had the smoothest of entries into the drone market. The Karma has in some cases been cutting out mid-flight, resulting in some falling out of the sky and causing serious damage. Whilst this is being resolved, shipping for the drone has been suspended until further notice [...]

Top 5 Drones for Beginners

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Top 5 drones for beginners In this article we are going to outline the top 5 drones that we believe are the perfect choice for enthusiasts looking to capture stunning aerial photography. Being that many different categories of drones exist, we will only be covering consumer grade camera drones. This means the typical drone [...]