The DJI Inspire 2 is the successor of the popular Inspire 1, the Inspire series is part of DJI’s professional photo and video drone range. The Inspire series does also carry a professional price tag, costing double the price of the Phantom 4 Pro, with plenty of options for add-ons and upgrades. Although it is a larger expense, it is a very flexible piece of equipment and can be incredibly cost effective in some instances.

To promote the release of the new Inspire 2, DJI have created a promotional short film called ‘The Circle’, shot entirely on the Inspire 2 drone. Now clearly there is a time and a place for drones in film, but DJI have created this to show that it is possible and the results it can produce. The film itself may not be to your taste, but I am sure you will agree that the footage itself looks excellent.

You can watch The Circle here, the short film itself is around 15 minutes long.

In this behind the scenes video you can see some of the ways they used the Inspire 2 on set to capture the shots in the film. To achieve those different styles of shot they used a combination of handheld stabilised rigs, dolly and supports which the drone itself was mounted to. Even though they are using the whole drone still attached to he camera for handheld shots, it is still a lot more lightweight and portable than a lot of other professional stabilser rigs. You can really see the stability quality of the gimbal in the shot where the drone is pulled out of the air by an operator and then they walk with it. The transition is very smooth and you can’t really tell in the shot that it is happening. The low light footage in the night times scenes looks great, you can hardly see any noise in the shots, if at all. Focus pulls are very smooth and make some of the transitions in the scenes look really slick.

DJI are trying to revolutionise cinematography tools and you can see in this film that they are really making great strides in doing that. The Inspire 2 is available for pre-order now and is slated to be dispatched from late January. You can see more about the Inspire 2 drone here.