In this latest video posted by DJI on November 4th from the IFSC Climbing events, we get to see all the versatility and incredible features of DJI Inspire 1. The drones were operated by professional pilots following strict safety and security requirements set by IFSC for the event.

Back in July 2015 it was announced that DJI would be entering a partnership with the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) to provide aerial imaging footage for a series of upcoming international events. The events include the Chamonix Lead & Speed World Cup, the Munich Bouldering World Cup and the Arco World Youth Championships.

“This will be the first time that IFSC uses aerial imaging technology (‘drones’) for their international climbing events,” said Martin Brandenberg, Marketing Director of Europe at DJI. “These unique shots will provide viewers with a remarkable perspective on the technical skills used by top climbers as they compete in the most prestigious sport climbing events in the world.”

With the use of theDJI Inspire 1 they have been able to capture footage of the sport from a never before seen perspective, with their unique filming capabilities of the action from stable close ups to spectacular flybys.

DJI’s 3-axis stabilizer and 4K camera the DJI Osmo was also used throughout the event whilst interviewing athletes bringing all the behind the scenes action to life with beautifully stable crystal clear imagery.